Jay Howard’s MDD F4 U.S. Championship Car Displayed at Indianapolis 500

Fans witnessed F4 U.S. car up-close at the greatest spectacle in racing for second consecutive year

The Honda Fan Zone was buzzing with race fans from around the world during the 101st Indianapolis 500 and the Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda car was in the center of the action.

Complete with red-carpet treatment, the Jay Howard’s Motorsports Driver Development No. 14 F4 U.S. car was displayed next to Indianapolis 500 Champion Alexander Rossi’s 2016 replica winning Honda powered IndyCar.

“The two cars complemented each other,” said Honda Performance Development Assistant Marketing Manager George Harmon. “The car received a lot of interest, and was surrounded by fans throughout the weekend.”

Right in the heart of the Honda midway, spectators gained an up-close look at the F4 U.S. car, allowing for dozens of selfies and car photos to be snapped.

“Seeing all the people interested in my car and the series was a very special moment in my career,” pilot of Jay Howard’s MDD No. 14 F4 U.S. car Max Peichel said. “It was breathtaking to see how far I have come in racing, and seeing the car displayed next to Rossi’s winning car, showed me where I could go.”

Peichel and a full field of 30 F4 U.S. competitors will return to the Brickyard June 10-11. A schedule and entry list can be found by clicking here

Photo provided by HPD media