Entwistle Suffers Injury During Round 4 at IMS

During Round 4 of the Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, an on-track incident between Steve Bamford of Toronto, John Andrew Entwistle of Katonah, New York, and Blake Mount of Denver occurred, resulting in Entwistle being transported to the hospital by ambulance after complaining about lower back pain. Bamford and Mount were unhurt but did not return to the race.

Entwistle endured a broken vertebra which will require a back brace to heal without anticipated surgery. Entwistle was released from the hospital early Sunday morning.

“The IMS emergency crew was fast on the scene and carefully extracted John Andrew from the car using the extraction seat,” said SCCA Pro Racing Vice-President Steve Oseth. “He was then directly sent to the hospital for observation.”

Entwistle’s return for the second half of the season is unknown. Further information will be announced as updates on Entwistle’s condition is released.