Parella Motorsports Holdings (PMH) established the Ligier JS F4 Series as an additional opportunity for up-and-coming racing talent. Available to drivers ages 14 and up, the Ligier JS F4 Series will provide young racers with an additional step in expanding their education and experience before making the jump from karting to open wheel.

“After getting involved in the Road to F1 ladder with Formula 4 U.S. and Formula Regional Americas, I realized that there was a need in the development system for young drivers that wasn’t being met by the industry,” said Tony Parella, CEO of PMH. “In today’s world, young drivers have had to go from karting right up to F4 U.S.; that’s a big jump. There was a niche that developed with the need to lay the proper foundation for wheel-to-wheel racing and allow drivers time to hone their race craft. The Ligier JS F4 Series will help fill that gap. With Scott Goodyear at the helm, I’m confident this series will leave a positive, lasting impact.”

Keeping budget in mind, the series will utilize the existing F4 U.S. chassis. With low entry fees, the series will be sanctioned by PMH and drivers will participate in SpeedTour events already on the F4 U.S. Championship weekends, but in SVRA run groups of similar speeds. Drivers are encouraged to participate in select F4 U.S. Championship activities throughout the weekend including the track walk, drivers' meeting(s), autograph sessions and other promotional activities. 

“Making the move from karting to open wheel competition can be daunting,” said Scott Goodyear, Race Director for F4 U.S. and FR Americas. “We’re looking to change that with the Ligier JS F4 Series. The series will focus on education and driving skill as much as competition. I learned a lot during my 14+ years at the top levels of CART and IndyCar, and I’m excited to share that with this group of kids as they start on their own racing career paths. I want them to leave the Ligier JS F4 Series knowing how to race safely, but also how to race smart.”

In addition to providing the extra step for development and challenge, the Ligier JS F4 Series will also present unique scholarship opportunities to help talented karters reach the next level in their career, despite economic circumstances. In partnership with Radford Racing School, major karting organizations will identify and recommend talented drivers to earn one of five scholarships for the racing school. The drivers will then be eligible for a Ligier JS F4 Series competition license upon the successful completion of their course.

Drivers must have prior experience in single-seaters/open-wheel cars before participating in the series. This includes having taken a racing school, testing with their team in an F4 car, or other single-seater behind the wheel racing experience. All drivers will be overseen by Race Directors Scott Goodyear and Alex Miller beginning with the license application process all the way through each of the events.

The cars will run conform to F4 U.S. Championship Technical Regulations with a modified minimum weight to be determined by younger driver participation. Aspects of the F4 U.S. Championship Sporting Regulations will be used to govern the series as well. 

Points will be awarded in the series, allowing a champion to be crowned at the end of the season. The winner of the Ligier JS F4 Series will earn an entry fee scholarship for the following season of F4 U.S Championship competition.