Unique among this ladder category, drivers get three hours of track time every race weekend, including two free practice sessions, one qualifying session and three races (the Formula 1 race-weekend schedule will be abbreviated). Starting grids are determined by fast times earned in qualifying for Race 1. Subsequent grids are based off fast times from the previous race.

Point scoring is in accordance with global F4 series standards and are awarded as follows:

Position Points
First 25
Second 18
Third 15
Fourth 12
Fifth 10
Sixth 8
Seventh 6
Eighth 4
Ninth 2
Tenth 1

The top-seven drivers in the overall Championship earn FIA Super License points as follows:

Position Super License Points
First 12
Second 10
Third 7
Fourth 5
Fifth 3
Sixth  2
Seventh 1

Prize money is awarded to the top-three drivers after each race.  Seventeen races are schedule for the 2018 season. 

Position Prize Payout
First $1500
Second $650
Third $350

 Contingency prizes are being confirmed for the 2018 season. 

In 2018, the F4 U.S. champion will earn a $100,000 scholarship to advance to F3 Americas. SCCA Pro Racing has also restructured the end-of-season prize payout to award the top-10 overall competitors prize money. The official earnings will be announced in early 2018. 

Team points are based on the team's top-two cars in each individual race.